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Nanonis Tramea: Instrument Concept

Speed and Performance

The concept behind the Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measurement system is a major advancement compared to the technology used in most conventional measurement systems. Some of the most important differences are:
  • Real-time data generation and acquisition: Measurements run on a dedicated CPU which guarantees faster speed and perfectly constant point spacing, in contrast to slow point-by-point data acquisition
  • High performance with FPGA-based data processing: Instruments like lock-ins, function generators and oscilloscopes are FPGA-implementations. They are not only more flexible than conventional "boxed" hardware but also allow more advanced signal processing and better signal performance
  • No low-speed busses for measurement control: Conventional systems have to rely on slow data busses like GPIB or RS-232 for instrument control due to their architecture based on multiple single-purpose boxes. These slow techniques are no longer needed since data acquisition runs on a real-time system inside a single instrument.
  • Separated data acquisition and data storage: Data storage and display on the measurement PC are independent from the actual measurement. The PC is no longer slowing down or influencing measurements.
  • Integrated digital architecture: The integration of all functions into one platform with purely digital signal processing eliminates the need of analog signal routing and complex wiring. Operations between signals can be done much faster, in a user-friendly fashion and without risk of sample damage
  • Scalable architecture: The concept and workflow do not change if the number of signals is increased or the aplication requires new measurement techniques. This means immediate productivity and the ability to grow with the experimental requirements without any drawback
  • Dedicated state of the art hardware: The hardware delivers superior performance for quantum transport measurements since it was designed with exactly this application in mind. It uses the best components available for the application. It is not limited by requirements asking for general-purpose use.

This diagram illustrates what it means to combine high Speed and high Performance with the Nanonis Tramea™ concept:

Think of driving multiple precision, high-resolution, low-noise DC sources almost at the speed of arbitrary waveform generators, and running multiple precision multimeters at the speed of digitizer cards.
Nanonis Tramea™ makes it possible to combine the best of both worlds!


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Nanonis SO5/TSO 16-channel signal source released

The SO5 and TSO are 16-channel precision, low-noise analog output add on modules for the Nanonis SPM Control System and the Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system. Nanonis Tramea users can profit from up to 48 temperature-stabilized 20-bit signal sources able to control even the most complex nanostructures. More information about the new instrument can be found here

New application note library online

Announcing our two new application notes galleries to highlight results from our SPM control system as well as the new Nanonis Tramea QTMS.

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