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SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH and Oxford Instruments sign agreement for Nanonis TrameaTM quantum transport measurement system

Nanonis Tramea released

The Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measurement system offers a novel and superior approach to transport measurements. It is faster, offers superior performance in a smaller footprint, plenty of signals and a powerful and customizable user interface for the most sophisticated scientific research.

Nanonis BP5 released

The new Nanonis Base Package 5 combines the proven reliability and exceptional signal performance of the BP4.5 with the new Nanonis software V5. Welcome to the new standard for SPM experiments!


Nanonis Software V5 released

With a completely redesigned user interface, new functionality and improved signal processing, the new Nanonis software redefines cutting-edge performance for SPM experiments. The software is available for free for all BP4.5 users!


New Nanonis Software Upgrade for BP4 systems

The newly released upgrade for BP4 systems introduces some of the software improvements of the BP4.5 to the previous generation of Nanonis SPM Control System. Please find out here if your system is compatible with this upgrade and what the upgrade has to offer.

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