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New Release of SPM Control Software V5: 7157

Performance optimizations ** Support for scripts in pattern and subgrid modes ** Alternate Z-Controller Setpoint in Bias Spectroscopy ** Second Auto-Retract condition in Z Spectroscopy ** Extended MultiPass functionality in Scan Control
  • Performance optimizations in the software. When operating the software for a long time software operation could become sluggish. This update should improve the performance.
  • Scripts can now be called from the Scan module in pattern or subgrid modes.
  • Bias Spectroscopy: added option to use an alternate Z-Controller setpoint before starting the spectroscopy measurement
  • Z Spectroscopy: added 2nd condition to the Auto-Retract functionality
  • MultiPass: added the option to apply the playback offset after a user-defined code at the beginning of each scan line
  • Fixed bug in Z-Spectroscopy which added one RT cycle per point with a specific timing configuration
  • Fixed bug in Scan Multipass where list of channels available for recording was wrong


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