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New Release of SPM Control Software V5: 7437

Bias Spectroscopy: Lock-in on/off per segment ** New commands added in the Script module (If, Break) ** Bias DC available for Kelvin measurements
  • Bias Spectroscopy: added option to switch the lock-in on/off per segment in multi-line segment measurements. Also added an initial delay per segment to let the lock-in signals settle
  • Script Module: added new commands (If, Break)
  • For FM Kelvin measurements the Bias signal carries the modulation. For recording purpose, a new signal (available through the assignment section of the Signals Manager) Bias DC is now available that does not carry the modulation.
  • For users of R7232 we strongly recommend this update due to a hrDAC issue with AO1 in R7232 which could lead to glitches at the output, and due to a bug with the Lock-In used in Bias Spectroscopy
  • Several minor fixes and improvements


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