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New Release of SPM Control Software: 8987

Large address awareness ** Bias DC available for Kelvin measurements ** ZoomFFT issue on systems with comma as decimal separator fixed ** Piezo Hysteresis issue when starting-stopping the scan fixed ** Bias signal fixed when pulsing and in Bias Spectroscopy
  • When running the software on 64 bit Windows, it is now large address aware and thus can utilize more memory than previous versions (up to 4 GB instead of 2 GB). This helps especially for high resolution scans.
  • For FM Kelvin measurements the Bias signal carries the modulation. For recording purpose, a new signal (available through the assignment tool) Bias DC is now available that does not carry the modulation.
  • Bugfix: On systems with comma (,) as decimal separator, the ZoomFFT module would incorrectly interpret the cutoff frequency and thus not work correctly for some cutoff frequency settings.
  • Bugfix: The settings stored in the PMD4 were sometimes not loaded, resulting in the default configuration.
  • Bugfix: When Piezo Hysteresis was enabled, the X-Y outputs voltages were wrong at the start and stop of the scan.
  • Bugfix: the Bias signal was set to a wrong value when using Bias Pulse and Bias Spectroscopy.


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