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New Release of SPM Control Software V5: 7856

Full Support for up to 3 SC5 and 2 SO5 ** Oscillation Control: Modulator Configuration ** 8-channel Lock-in ** ZoomFFT issue on systems with comma as decimal separator fixed

  • Full support for up to 3 SC5 and 2 SO5 (maximum of 4 devices total), i.e. the additional devices are supported in hrDAC (only SC5), Lock-in, Function Generator, High-Resolution Oscilloscope.
  • Output/Input modules (for devices above SC5 #1): added custom views, which lets the user define groups of up to 8 outputs/inputs to be visible in addition to the standard view of channels per device.
  • Oscillation Control: flexible modulator configuration, allowing modes like Q-Control or dual excitation (using a single OC4).
  • 8-channel Lock-in available, with up to 8 modulators and demodulators.
  • Bugfix: On systems with comma (,) as decimal separator, the ZoomFFT module would incorrectly interpret the cutoff frequency and thus not work correctly for some cutoff frequency settings.
  • Many other changes in various modules


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