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New Release of SPM Control Software V5: 8890

Oscillation Control: option to limit Exc >= 0 ** Piezo Calibration: support for asymmetric voltage limits ** New Attocube Motor Control ANC350 v4
  • Oscillation Control: added option to limit the Excitation (Output Amplitude) to be >= 0, i.e. no active damping
  • Piezo Calibration: The voltage limits for the X/Y/Z outputs can now be set asymmetrically, e.g. -2V..6V
  • Switchable Scanner: optional module to switch the scan control between 2 scanners (one can be scanned, the other is kept at the current position)
  • New/modified Programming Interface functions
  • OC4 Sync now works with wrapping phase (e.g. on 300 deg, off 30 deg)
  • New Attocube Motor Control for ANC350 v4
  • Bugfix: occasionally it could happen that the Oscillation Control did not apply the Excitation and Frequency Shift. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Kelvin Controller might not work correctly in recent releases. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Programming Interface Coarse Motion Motor, Generic Sweep functions
  • Bugfix: Motor Control modules PMD and PMC configuration section fixes
  • Bugfix: Fixes an issue with the PLL amplitude and phase controllers in R8849
  • Various minor changes and fixes


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