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New Release of Nanonis Mimea V5e Software: 5.1.9412

Lock-in can now demodulate more signals (e.g. tandem demodulation) ** Support for DIO Ports C & D ** Maintenance
  • The Lock-in can now demodulate more signals, e.g. the X or Y outputs of another demodulator (tandem demodulation)
  • Added support for DIO Ports C & D
  • New structure of the shortcuts in the Windows Start menu
  • New option to minimize windows
  • Added voltage limits for the Interferometer module
  • Fixed several issues with the Z-Controller, like controlling on Frequency Shift, or issues with negative calibration factor for Z
  • Fixed issues with Spectroscopy modules (Bias, Z)
  • Fixed tilt correction and Z drift compensation
  • Better handling of unipolar systems
  • New PI functions to get the acquired data in the Script module
  • Various minor changes and bugfixes


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