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Signal Conversion Add-on

Plenty of signals extended data acquisition

With growing set-up complexity, or when multiple stages need to be controlled, 8 input and output channels might simply not be enough. One additional SC5 instantaneously doubles that number to 16. For even more complex experiments, a maximum of 3 SC5s can be connected to the Nanonis SPM Control System base package, transforming the instrument into a 24 outputs and 24 inputs system. 

While increasing the number of channels with conventional systems means adapting the measurement software and potentially changing the workflow, the modularity of the Nanonis SPM Control System avoids all these drawbacks. The additional SC5 signals are seamlessly integrated into the Nanonis software allowing immediate productivity

  • 16 outputs and 16 inputs with the base package and 1 SC5 add-on
  • 24 outputs and 24 inputs with the base package and 2 SC5 add-ons
  • 32 outputs and 16 inputs with the base package, 1 SC5 add-on and 1 SO5 add-on
  • 40 outputs and 24 inputs with the base package, 2 SC5 add-ons and 1 SO5 add-on

  • 8 additional high precision and low noise 20-bit analog outputs (22-bit with hrDAC)
  • 8 additional low-noise 18-bit analog inputs
  • Up to a total of 24 I/O channels with two SC5 add-ons
  • Seamless integration of additional channels in the software


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Nanonis SO5/TSO 16-channel signal source released

The SO5 and TSO are 16-channel precision, low-noise analog output add on modules for the Nanonis SPM Control System and the Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system. Nanonis Tramea users can profit from up to 48 temperature-stabilized 20-bit signal sources able to control even the most complex nanostructures. More information about the new instrument can be found here

New application note library online

Announcing our two new application notes galleries to highlight results from our SPM control system as well as the new Nanonis Tramea QTMS.

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