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Selected STM Clients

University of Hamburg, Germany: The Scanning Probe Methods group of Prof. Wiesendanger now uses several  Nanonis control systems for a series of home-built LT-STMs and LT-AFMs.

University of Graz, Austria: Prof. Surnev in the Surface Science Group of Prof. Netzer upgraded the Controller of the Omicron micro STM to a Nanonis system for the investigation of thin films growth.

University of Toronto, Canada: A new Nanonis Controller is used on a Omicron LT-STM in the group of Prof. John Polanyi for low temperature STS experiments.

Institut de Science des Matériaux de Mulhouse, France: The LT-STM/STS group led by Dr. Laurent Simon is now using a Nanonis controller for their Omicron LT-STM. Typcial low temperature applications include wave function mapping and supramolecular assemblies. The AtomTracking module is well-appreciated for reproducible tunneling spectroscopy.

University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Group of Prof. Jianguo Hou: Prof. ZhenChao Dong and Prof. Bing Wang use two Nanonis control system to operate their Unisoku STMs.

Max Planck Institut of Microstructure Physics, Halle, Germany: Prof. Juergen Kirschner now uses a Nanonis controller for his Omicron RT-STM to study spin-polarized dynamics.

Universität Oldenburg, Germany: Prof. Achim Kittel uses the Nanonis system on an Omicron VT-STM and a second controller on an Omicron RT-STM/AFM. For his research he also produces tips with 2 electrodes for thermal voltage measurements.

Harvard University, MA, USA: After an extensive test period and comparison with other commercial controllers, Prof. Hoffman decided to buy three Nanonis controllers to run two of her home-built LT-STM microscope and a home-built UHV-AFM system. Her students can now focus on the research of unconventional superconductors and correlated electrons systems.

Universität Karlsruhe, Germany: Prof. Christoph Suergers chose the Nanonis control system for his existing Omicron LT-STM microscope with routine atomic resolution.

University of Groningen, The Netherlands:  Two Nanonis controllers are used in the group of Prof. Harry T. Jonkman for existing Omicron microscopes, VT-STM and RT-STM/AFM.

RIKEN Research, Wako, Japan: Three Nanonis control systems are in use in the groups of Dr. Y. Kim and Dr. Hidenori Takagi (Dr. T. Hanaguri). The microscopes that are operated are from Omicron and Unisoku as well as a home-built LT-STM. Dr. Kim's group works on molecular manipulation while Dr. T. Hanaguri observes properties of superconductors. In particular the use of the LabVIEW programming interface and the lock-in detector module are of great help to them.

University of Tsukuba, Japan: In the group of Prof. H.Shigekawa, Dr. O.Takeuchi uses a Nanonis control system to operate his Unisoku UHV-STM microscope.

University of Alberta, Canada: Prof. Wolkow replaced two older controllers for his Omicron VT-STMs with the Nanonis controllers. Together with the controller for his JEOL AFM/STM previously acquired, it is now easy to exchange session files and LabVIEW VIs between different microscopes.

AIST, Japan: Dr. Leonid Bolotov uses the Nanonis controller on a modified Omicron VT-AFM with Needle sensor. It is therefore possible to record simultaneously STM and AFM data in either STM or NC-AFM mode. The Needle sensor, with a typical resonance frequency of 1MHz, is controlled seamlessly by the OC4 add-on module. See also his application note.

University of Cambridge, UK: Dr. Colm Durkan integrated the Nanonis controller for his home-built UHV-STM together with his own high-voltage amplifier, coarse motor and the Femto current preamplifier.

University of Liverpool, UK: Prof. McGrath decided to upgrade the controller for his Omicron STM-1 to a full Nanonis control system.

Nagoya University, Japan: Dr. Junji Yuhara opted for Nanonis for an Omicron UHV-STM system and a Unisoku STM where he routinely obtaines atomic resolution on metals.

University of Tokyo, Japan: The same controller is used for both an Unisoku LT-STM microscope and a home-built STM in the group of Dr. Noriaki Takagi.

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan: Prof. Wei-Bin Su acquired two Nanonis control systems for two of his home-built STM.

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland: Prof. Igor Shvets chose Nanonis to control his home-built UHV-STM for spin polarized experiments. 

Department of Physics, National University of Singapore: Prof. Andrew Wee enjoys the first Nanonis control system in Singapore for his brand new Omicron LT-STM.

Toyota Higashifuji Technical Center, Mishuku, Japan: Dr. Yoshihide Watanabe uses the Nanonis Control System for his Omicron UHV LT-STM.

National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan: Dr. Takashi Uchihashi uses the Nanonis SPM Control System in combination with a Unisoku UHV LT-STM.

University of Tokyo, Japan: A Nanonis SPM Control System is used with a home-built low temperature STM in the group of Prof. Fumio Komori.

Nanotechnology Group, NICT, Kobe, Japan: Three systems control an Omicron LT-STM, a JEOL 4500 AFM, and an LT AFM/STM for the Quantum Design PPMS.

Institute of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland: Three control systems are installed in the group of Prof. H.-J. Güntherodt. One is used on an Omicron LT-STM for molecular imaging and manipulation. A system is also used in the Nanolab for their home-built STM.

University of Konstanz, Germany: Control system for STM in a dilution refrigerator in the group of Prof. Paul Leiderer.

Microstructure Laboratory, ETH Zurich, Switzerland: System installed for operation of a home-built UHV STM in the group of Prof. Danilo Pescia.



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